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During our Life on Earth we often faces with Problems (problems mean for me a phrase created by humanity). There are different reactions when we face with them. We just bury our head in the san We try to “solve” them but still

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“B.A.D” Life Coaching – Be * Beautiful * Ambitious * Delightful *

“B.A.D.” Life Coaching is for YOU if you want to feel “Beautyful – Ambitious – Delightful”.
Take Actions for your Life and bring Awareness into the everydays.
Through Awareness reach your INFINITE potencial for Happiness, Success and Freedom.


[spacer height=”50px”] My mission is to help you:  Find your Soul, Your Path and Create your Reality so you can Change Your World. [spacer height=”20px”] “Manifest your true Destiny through your Infinite Awareness”   Hi, my name is Monika Timari. I am

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The reading really brought home the actions that I need to take in my life

I received a very prompt answer to my questions and the answers and her reading were very accurate. The reading really brought home the actions that I need to take in my life. I will use her again and highly recommend her to anyone wishing an accurate reading.

Theresa Marie D.

You always find the right words

You always find the right words from the records and you are very open with the answers. Love the readings

Velisha E.

Have a question? Need a tip? Want to talk? Want to take the first step into your NEW LIFE?

I’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Come and Join to be also part of the "B.A.D." and Akashic World - Remember always Beautiful - Ambitious - Delightful

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