Create Your Reality

Even if you believe it or not, You have the power to Create what you want. Create, Change your emotions, thoughts.

When you become aware of your power, you can set your mindset and your actual state for something better, higher vibration.

This Day is for your Goals and Plans. When you get up in the morning think about your Goals, Plans. Be thankful for them even before they happen. That is a mindset where you actually happy in advance. It may sounds strange, but give a try.

When you feel more blessed: If you are happy, thankful about something in advance or worried beforehand?

The only difference between being grateful or worried is your awareness. We tend to use more negative expressions, thoughts and they come easily because most of the time we start to learn them in our childhood. If you see it from a different perspective:

How would you live your Life with a positive, creative mindset?

You could use such sentences, like:

  • Thank you for the amazing outcome with the phone call.
  • Thank you for one of the best days ever at work.
  • Thank you for the thrilling sports game.
  • Thank you for the effortless and fun day of cleaning.
  • Thank you for the amazing energy from my exercise session.

Count every Plans you have for this particular day.

At the very end of your Plan use the final sentence:

And Thank You for the great news coming to me today!

RHONDA BYRNE - Day 14 Have a Magical Day

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Many blessings

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14 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: Have a Magical Day