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My mission is to help you: 

Find your Soul, Your Path and Create your Reality
so you can Change Your World.

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“Manifest your true Destiny through your Infinite Awareness”


Monika Timari Akashic World - "B.A.D." Life Coaching, Assertiveness Coaching, Distant Reiki

Hi, my name is Monika Timari. I am an Intuitive Life Coach and an Akashic Records reader.


I was always pasionate about Spirituality, Self-Development and Helping others. Being guided through my Intuition and Guides I had the ability to influence people’s energy fields.

Helping others with their pains, financial problems, spiritual developments, chakras removing the blocks holding them back became part of my life as a child.

I am really proud of representing Akashic World where I can connect to more people from all over the World.


Akashic World is a Safe Place to develop not just your Spirituality but Your Reality. 

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Life – Life is a Miracle! Every breath, every moment is a gift.

We often forget about it and maybe with the time, we just live in the everydays not remembering who we are, what we want.

During my whole Life I am dedicated to be true to my Soul;

to help others to Live and discover the true Soul inside.

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I have studied many different healing arts fields and provide services in

Assertiveness and Intuitive Life Coaching, Akashic Readings and Reiki.

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During my work it is important for me to work close together with you in order to reach your TRUE Purpose, your Higher DIVINE to create your LIFE you always wanted : Happy, Succesful and Free





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I offer Coaching where we bring your Spirit into life – where reality meets with your true DEVINE – what allowes you to use those powers you were born with and brought into this life to live the LIFE YOU DREAMED OF.

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I have found this work to be rewarding and life changing both for myself and for my clients.
I am so grateful that this work has come to me and would like to share my knowledge and experience with you.

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Akashic World where your Soul meets with Reality

Be part of the Family

Intuitive Life Coaching or as I call – “B.A.D.” Life Coaching is for

being Beautiful, Ambitious and Deligthful!

Get Your Spark and Create the Life You always wanted!