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Akashic Records reading and what you need to know

Welcome Everybody!

With this short manual I would like to help you how to prepare yourself the best for your Akashic Records reading. Here you can find out how to formulate your questions the best, so you can have the best results.
If you have any question regarding preparation for a reading or you are not sure if you are asking the right way, you can contact me any time.

You can download it as a manual here: How to ask from the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading

How to ask from your Akashic Records

When you are preparing your questions, you should think about specific questions, not just general ones. The more specific questions you prepare the best answers you can get. If you have a personal reading, first take those questions what matters you the most and leave at the end what is „less” important and just for your curiosity.

You can ask different kind of question; here you can read what the difference between question and question is.

General and Specific questions

The most specific question you can ask, the more easier to get the answer. It will be also more understandable for you and help you more how to react regarding your question.
The purpose here is to find out what you can learn from the situation you are asking about, or what can it bring you, or why you feel the way you feel, how you can make the situation better.
You can start to write down only for yourself the general questions and after that you can go into details to find out the root question for what you are looking for the answer.

For example a lot of people are asking about past lives but in the reality it doesn’t bring you much if you just asking this. Past is past and you can not change it as you think.

If you insist of asking about past life, instead of asking:

  • What was I in my past lives?

You write down some sub-questions:

  • What is affecting me from my past life?
  • What can I learn from it?

For example:

  • What is my relationship with XYZ?

Ask similar like:

  • What can I learn from the relationship?
  • Why do I feel unfulfilled in this relationship with XYZ?
  • How can I make my relationship with XYZ better to fulfill my highest good?


I wouldn’t all Akashic Records as a predictive tool as our Records contains several possibilities. Everybody thinks we come to Earth with a determined future; but it is not like that. All of us have free will that means also we can change our future with our choices.
If you plan to ask about the future, consider please the followings. Your Akashic Records can show you different possibilities so you are able to consider which way to choose.

Instead of asking „Yes” or „No” questions ask about choices, ways and possible outcomes.

For example:

  • Will I getting married with XYZ?

Ask similar like:

  • If I get married with XYZ, what is the most likely outcome?

If you want to ask about when something will happen, you need to consider, you will have the answer based on where you are at that moment and if you stay on that way.

If you ask:

When I get married? – but you know that you don’t have anybody in your life and you even not looking for a new relationship do not expect to get an answer you are expecting.

Here you could have a question: What do I need to do to get married this year?

Keep in mind, for these questions, if you are asking for advice what to do, if you just read the answer but don’t act nothing will change. Your Akashic Records can not and won’t solve the problem instead of you, but it gives you a really great compass, advices how you can reach what you want with the best results and with optimal solutions.

Should or Shouldn’t questions

Even if you don’t realise those questions what comes with „should or shouldn’t” expect an answer where somebody tells you what to do.
Akashic Records doesn’t work this way. As I mentioned earlier we all have free will (and of course we are responsible for our own life) and as in the Records there is no good or bad, right or wrong they won’t decide for you. If they answered these types of questions, it would mean they take away your free will and of course take over the responsibility to make your own choice.

For example:

  • Should I marry XYZ?

Ask similar like:

  • How our life with XYZ will change if I marry him / her?

Final Question

From my experience, sometimes it is nice to ask as a Final Question if your Akashic Records wants to give you some advice, or if there anything else they want to tell you.

So you could have a question like:

  • Is there anything they want to tell me, want me to know?
  • Is there anything I should know what I haven’t asked about?
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Akashic Records reading: how you prepare your questions