What does that mean being assertive?

For me being assertive means saying YES to myself and lets say this way: NO to others.


In Everybody’s Life there is a point where you say: “Enough is enough”.

As a Mom you are most probably have those situations where you put others  your kids, your husband, friends or anybody else – in front of you. That means they enjoy your genourisity taking them on the first place.


Let me ask you something?

  • Have you ever felt: “Oh, why I said yes, I even did not want to go” and such things?
  • Have you ever cried alone – you are just too tired and want brake? (I did!!! oh how many times)
  • Do you find yourself being too nice, sensitive and that makes you a target to others? (Everybody keeps coming back asking for “help” what is actually do it for me because I do not want)
  • Do you feel guilty when you can not help somebody? (Oh, how many times I felt bad because I wanted to save everybody – till now I need to make myself remember sometimes I can not save somebody who doesn’t want to be saed)
  • Do you have trouble honestly expressing your feelings? (You do not want to hurt other’s feelings – you are too nice?)
  • Do you struggle with self care and self esteem? (You do not have time to even have a bath, or use your favorite eye shadows?)
  • Are you struggling with a toxic relationship? (Are you the last person who counts?)
  • When was the last time when you cared about your happiness? (Do you do something you really enjoy)
  • Do you want to stop negativity around you and start living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life? (Yes, that means others will take care about themselves and you will take care about yourself – and YES sometimes the kids can wait or can do their breakfast alone. Or the father 😉


Why is Assertiveness Coaching good for You if you want to?

    • Take the CONTROL of your life into your own hand
    • Have positive CHANGES in your life
    • Care about YOURSELF


You may ask, “Isn’t it egoistic?”

But I would ask from you: “Isn’t that egoistic from others to use you all the time they need you?”

No matter from which point you see it, it will be from the other side selfish.



What you can learn during Assssertiveness Coaching?

    • Most importantly, how to BOOST YOUR EMOTIONS and Get to know them
    • Gain more AWARENESS about your Life and situatio
    • Clarify WHAT YOU WANT and WHO YOU ARE
    • How to say no gently if you mean it
    • Being RESPONSIBLE for your own decision, opinion
    • How not to apologise when you don’t need to
    • Clarify WHAT does that MEAN for You – BEING HAPPY


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