Find Your Infinity!



“B.A.D.” Life – Beautiful  Ambitious – Delightful

The Final Destination – The Life Purpose


We often forget about it. We live in the duality and in the big rush we stuck in the materiality.

Sometimes we need somebody who makes us remember:

We are Mind Body and Soul.

Soul needs to be nurished as well.

You can ask why “B.A.D.” Life Coaching. Here is a short explanation:

“B.A.D.” Life Coaching is For You, if You:

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♥ Feel inside something is missing

♥ Were born for something more

♥ Want to reach your Goals but don’t know how

♥ Are not happy with your current life

♥ Feel you are on the wrong place

♥ Feel lost – which direction should you take?

♥ Want to move on with your life

♥ Want to release old patterns

♥ Want something new

♥ Want flexibility with the coaching sessions

“B.A.D.” Life Coaching is NOT For You, if You:

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♥ Are not willing to do for changing your situation

♥ Are not feeling overwhelmed

♥ Don’t want somebody to cover your back

♥ Do not want to get in touch with your soul

♥ Do not want your inner fire to gain more

♥ Do not want to attract better things in your life

♥ Feel, you are not responsible for your own life

With “B.A.D.” Life Coaching we bring your Mind – Body – Soul in a form where they can be balanced.

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You can enjoy more

Happiness – Success – Freedom inside and outside.

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“B.A.D.” Coaching requires YOUR Participation, Taking Actions physically, mentally emotionally!

It requires Commitment to Yourself, where you actually say YES to your OWN LIFE.


If you feel ready to be a more aware, more conscious Mother & Woman, let me be near you, help you with your journey. It is my pleasure giving me your trust and letting me into your life.