What is in your mind: what you do for others?

Before I start this article, I would like you to sit down, take a paper and make it half.

  • On the left side write down: “what do I do for others?
  • On the other side of the paper write down “What do I do for myself?”

If you want it more interesting, do the exercise also with closed eyes, listening to your feelings.

When you are done, check your results.

What do we do for others

It is not about being selfish or not doing anything for others. I DO NOT WANT TO ENCOURAGE anybody not to do things for others, but I DO WANT TO ENCOURAGE YOU to DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF.

Now, lets see my list.

Do you know WHAT IS TIME? I give you some time to think about it. You might say: Time is money,  Time is limited, Time is passing fast etc (put your own version here).

But what I think is, TIME IS LIFE or if you like this way LIFE IS TIME!

So, ask yourself?

  • Where you spend your Life? Are you Alone? Are you angry about it?

Sometimes we do things what we do not want. But why? Because of others, to get more like, to get acknowledgement? What is your answer.

  • Do work for others?

Have you ever thought about how many work you do for others? Do you now your reaction when it is about a work for yourself? A lot of people hates changes. But why? Changes are part of Life. Life is all about changes. If you see only your everydays – there is no days what is the same. You might say, it is the same, but it isn’t. Yesterday you didn’t have the experience that you have now. You have met with others already, you hadn’t known before. Interesting isn’t it. You migh hate working on yourself because you hate your real job as well? Just think about it.

  • Do you love giving, surprise others? 

Normally giving should be without any additional request. But it is not like that. The only difference is from where you want things in return. Every time we give, it generates a vacuum. It will be filled anyhow. The question is – your demand is against the person you gave or you let the Universe to give you something in return. Now, this was the Energetic part. Concentrating on our topic, you can go also and give some gifts for you. Lets say, nobody buys you flowers? What stops you buying one? It is not about being selfish, it is about honoring yourself. Nobody can love you if you do not love yourself. Then it will never be enough.

  • Are you happy for others? Do you hug them? 

Are you hapy when you are loved or huged? How does it feel when somebody who is important for you gives you a hug? AWESME, isn’t it? But why don’t you do that with yourself? Giving you a hug is the simplest you can imagine. You are always on hand and you don’t need to wait anybody’s participation.

  • Smiling, admiring, giving a comliment, expressing not so personal emotions, giving advice 

These are those things what brings always smile on somebody’s face. Till we use these so rarely. I think, it is so sad. So many people desire these feelings. I remember all of my moments when I gave honest compliments, nice words, smile to others. Those sparkling eyes. There is no money could be paid for just second of these moments.

But it makes you happy if you do it for yourself as well. Start doing it.

We often forget:  we are also imporant. You can make huge changes only with simply being happy. Everybody notices it immediately: not just your bad mood, but your shiny smile as wel. Remember, nobody can make you happy. But only because nobody does anything for you, it doesn’t mean, you can not do anyting for you. You are not just Anybody, you are YOU!

Generally what we do for others and we do for ourselves Monika Timári, Akashic World, BAD Life Coaching

What we do for others and do (not) do for ourselves