Enemies are Your Compass

Let me ask you a question? Would you prefer somebody who constantly disagree with you? It is scientifically proven, we are attracted to those people who agree with us. What does that mean exactly? Probably your friend won’t tell you the hard truth or you may consider it as a joke., right? They are telling me even the truth nicely packed and at the end it comes anyway nice out of the box.

So, the clothes what actually doesn’t fit you at all maybe would be the BEST Choice, at least for the first sight. When you arrive home and you watch yourself in the mirror, you realize – “What has happened to me, why did I buy this? Is it really fit? But my friend was there, told me it is nice”.

You can think, it is too general and they are not always like this. And you are absolutely right.

But still, if you want to develop and learn something else about yourself, you could consider listen to those who think differently about yourself. Sometimes what we think and how we see ourselves is totally different from the way others see us.

These moments are creating Lies after Lies.

There is a Lie fed by everyone. You don’t want to tell the truth others don’t want to see it.

It is nice to live in our created “Dreams” but sometimes we need to step out of these dreams to open a New Chapter or start writing a totally new “The Book of My Life”.

Enemies Lights Your Way

Friends or enemies

If you are willing to open, you can see those people who you think about as enemies can be the most loving person in the World. They not necessarily want to hurt you (yes, there will be who really wants to hurt you) but they come to your way to learn, to show you somethin. If you are open and you are ready to look behind the curtain you will see.

Remember, there is never a co-incidence if you meet with somebody. You may just do not realize the reason behind.

Very often we project our thoughts, feelings, experiences to others. But if you are honest with yourself truly, you can see yourself in these people. They will project what you do and how you do. Even if you fight with it, still true.

What you may consider about the person you think about as your enemie: 

  • Maybe she / he is telling the truth
  • The more it hurts, the bigger truth you can find in it (if that wasn’t the truth you wouldn’t give a f*ck. – sorry for the word, wanted to something hard)
  • Despite telling you the truth, the person still can be a loving person and wanting you as a friend
  • Ask yourself: do you want to feed your lie further? (if yes, you do not need to consider any of these)
  • Nobody is here to make your Life as hell. The only person who can do it is YOU
  • No matter what you do or not do, you are responsible for your own actions

From the moment you realize, they are showing you mirror, you wil stop blaming them for their actions, reactions. You will see them as own unique creatures who have the right and own place in that certain moment. The more you practice, the more you will be able to see yourself and everyone as not good or bad, without tags. See just the pure soul behind everyone.


Enemies are the Best Friends