Emotions in Motion

For me it seems as we are more experienced with gratitude the exercises become more easier. Maybe because it becomes natural to me. What do you think?

RHONDA BYRNE - Day 20 Heart Magic

Today’s practice:

  • focus your mind and your attention on the area of your heart
  • close your eyes to be mentally more connected to your heart
  • when you feel the connection say “Thank you”

Sometimes when I want to involve deeper energies into my practice I put my palm in front of my heart 2-3 cm far. After some minutes you can feel the energy flow.

Additional Possibility

  • take your Top 10 Desire List and practice Heart Magic on each of them
  • Read them out loud and do the Heart Magic described above

It is a nice way of making ourselves remember also being grateful on physical level.

You can find here the Power of Your Creation where you can focus on your desires. 

Give it a try.


Many many blessings for all of you!

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20 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: Heart Magic