The question is: How big is what you desire? Which one is bigger, your desire / your goal or your fear.

If your answer is, your desire. Then I say to you: What are you waiting for?! Go for it anyway!

Nowadays a lot of people have fears. Fear of the future, because of the money, losing, not being enough good etc.

Living with our fear every day could be not just annoying but also tiring. Most of the time we stop doing something because we think: “We are not good enough or we can not do it”.

The truth is “You can do it”. Sometimes we need to start doing things before we become experts. We are waiting for the perfect moments, timing or whatever, but that just never comes.

Why I say that?

Let me ask you something? Have you ever had an idea, a so great one, you even wanted to bring that real. Then a little voice in your head or somebody else told you – “That is a dream, you can’t do that” so you just gave up. Till one day, somebody else actually did that?

Now it is the point when “Fake it, till you make it” comes into the game. Let yourself to grow with the task.

“You learn the most when you are dropped into the deep water”

Remember when I asked you about how big is your desire? When you have big desire, you will be so passionate when you just start doing it, so after some tries, you will notice: Hm, I am becoming more confident.

Lets check my example. I was sabotaging myself for month setting up my business just because I knew, I need to go to Youtube and make Videos. Whaaaat? Oh my God, really I am freaking out when it comes about standing in front of the camera. But I told myself, no matter what in this month I start it and I started it! Yuheee. Now I am becoming more and more confident, I can speak more clearly and nicely, and even I cut less my videos because of my repeating words.

It seems, I am about to win my game against my Video-phobia.

My “BAD” Life tip: If you have a desire, passion what keeps you motivated but you have a fear and it is stopping you. Go to your mirror, stand in front of it, collect your courage as you are look into your eyes and make your decision, your commitment: “Yes, I am scared and I do it anyway because I feel it is my way!”


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How our fears are stopping us and we should go for it anyway?