Money Money Money must be Funny

All the things I could do with money, hm. Lets me ask you, what is the first thing comes into your mind when I ask you about MONEY? Is it something positive or negative? Do you like it or you hate it because you do not have enough?

Now we want to change it and have a different opinion and most importantly feeling about Money.

The Exercise

  • Fill the Magic Check with the amount of money you want
  • Think about what you want to buy from this amount

The more you can feel, you have your desired thing, the bigger frequency you can reach. You can imagine it in details. How you order o go to the shop. How you hand the money over or pay the bill. Everything you do with smile because it is not about giving your money away, but getting your desire. In this case not money what you want, but the thing you desire. It is a car, a house, shoes. Doesn’t matter. In a lot of cases we say, we need money. But actually what we need is payed billes, the house to live in, the car to drive.

If you think about it, everybody countinually is lying. Lying to ourselves and to our brain. But inside we know, money is just a tool and what we really want is behind money. During this day, be clear about what you want and just leave the possibility or the way how this will happen open. Money will be a choice for you. Consciously you decide and tell to the Universe, I want to use Money as a tool to fulfill my desire. But remember, as you have learnt earlier. If you get the exact item you originally wanted, that is also money.

Keep the check with you till you get what you wanted. After reaching your desire or getting the money, you are ready for your next journey and you can issue your new check. Have fun with it!

Here is an example I created for you:

Magic Check from the Gratitude Bank Money


Many many blessings for all of you!

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17 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: The Magic Check