Abraka Dabra – Magic Dust

Till this Day, you have practiced a lot. This Day will be an easy-peasy. Only with your one blick, you will be able to see where you need to say “Thank You”.

Getting to the point, lets talk about this Day.

RHONDA BYRNE - The Magic Day 10 Magic Dust

What do you need to do?

It is for Others. During the day, note everybody who SERVES you in a way. No matter if that is a waiter, a cashier, somebody who opens the door for you. Doesn’t matter who and what have done for You, just note them.

10 people will be Magic Dusted now, so be prepared. You can be grateful directly after the service is provided but if you forgot it, you can do it in your thoughts. Especially personally, you can put also your WHY after your “thank you”.

(My suggestion: watch people when you really feel and say gratitude how they react. Sometimes they are not used to it, sometimes they do. After a time, they will really recognize You not just because being grateful, but giving them Love. It is really hard to believe, but a lot of people are not used to be “loved” or respected especially in their job; for what they are doing.

Even you woul be surprised when you do something for yourself, look into your mirror and be grateful for yourself doing something owesome! Strange, isn’t it? 🙂 

Usually I do it with a nice white light. Like when I would use a magic wand, just in this case my hand is the want. Beautiful Light is coming out of my palms and goes to the people. I use it as a blessing to them and for me. I think it is a kind of upgraded version of being grateful. 🙂

What you get from this Day

To balance the giving and getting, I will mention some examples.

  • More respect to others and what they are doing.
  • With the time you start value also your job or help.
  • Develop new mindset towards people.
  • See the bright side of others.
  • More acceptance ad understanding of making failures
  • …..

Let me know, if you have your own reason. 🙂


Lets do Some Preparation for Day 11

As the next Day is about A Magic Morning I will write now the exercise.

You need to say “Thank you” till you get ready. It can be your Life, your beautiful Morning, your nice Dreas anything pops up in your mind.

It can really boost your Day! 🙂


Contact me any time if you have question, share it if you like it.

Many blessings

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