Have you got out of bed on the wrong side?

With this Magic Morning exercise you can avoid those Mornings where you really feel, “Oh, my God this is not my Day!”.

Maybe you have also experienced those moments, when you open your eyes and no parts of your body want to move, get ready and go to work. Even when you confess yourself to get and and drink your Life giving coffee, you are thinking already about your terrible day. “Oh, my boss; my tasks; my colleagues…” Even you haven’t started the day, but you just hate it already.

RHONDA BYRNE - Day 11 A Magic Morning

Let’s roll back

You just open up your eyes and set your intention – “Thank you for the possibility to wake up for this beautiful morning”. 

Sounds better right? Can you feel as it puts you on the right track? Sets Your Motivation and your Courage?

So, lets get out of your bed and Be Grateful!

During your preparation think about those things you have at that certain moment. Your clothes, the water, the pipes, your mirror where you can see your Beautiful YOU, your coffee, the people who delivered and collected your coffee. Everything around you! Just feel happy about them and the people who helped to have it in your home.

This half an hour – one hour is about preparation and saying “Thank you”.

As I am more practiced, I mention my brain and heart starts to get used to this whole being grateful.

Do you remember, as I tell all the time – When you say Thank You use also your heart. This will really get into your thoughts and emotions and actually without saying “Thank you” you will feel grateful. It is like, being up-lifted all the time! 🙂 Pretty awesome!

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Many blessings

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11 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: A Magic Morning