Who is Your Hero?

RHONDA BYRNE - Day 12 Magical People Who made a difference

A need to share you a little story as somehow I feel it connects to this. With my son we want to the supermarket. We were already at the cash desk when I got the feeling, I need to by a Kinder surprise egg. They have now the figures of Justice League. You kind of a voice from the Universe: “Hey, buy one I want to show you something. Lets see who represent you the most”. So, I let to the feeling and grab an egg.

I was so curious, so I opened it up during our walk. Green Lantern was my little guy. I mean, I saw the movie but more I didn’t know about him. I dig a bit deeper.

Just a small piece about him:

Green Lantern is a superhero – usually hotshot test pilot Hal Jordan, but there have been others – who are also the member of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. This corps was created by a race of immortal aliens known as the Guardians of the Universe, who live at the center of the universe on the planet Oa.

This was real interesting, because I am involved with the Guardians of the Universe in this reality and also helping others to discover this power inside them. So, my conclusion I am really grateful for the Universe and for this little Figure to show that I am on the right way. 🙂 Thank you so much!

But lets get back to the main Topic and you will understand my little story.

Magical People Who Made a Difference


Choose three people in your Life who made a difference; as I say, who played a Hero in your Life. After you have the three person, start with one. Now comes the BIG WHY. The deeper WHY you have, the more you can raise your Frequency. 

Just as before, do in the morning Day 1 – Counting Your Blessings and before sleep Day 2  – The Magic Rock. 🙂


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12 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: Magical People Who Made a Difference