I HATE You, or I LOVE You?

Lets admit, we are Human? Don’t we? Or we are something more?

If we think with human mind, we just say, if we do not like somebody. Most of the time, even we don’t care about thinking with a different perspective. We stick with the story in our head – it is true or not, we don’t care. From these “I don’t care” moments, we collect so much that the original problem will grow something totally different than before. In these cases we might be angry with somebody even knowing the reason – I don’t know, but I just don’t like her / him.

Today, it is time to change it!

RHONDA BYRNE - Day 15 Magicall Heal Your Relationship

Magically Heal Your Relationship

Yes, before you would go mad, today we target your not happy relationships. Whether it is a friendship or really a family member, doesn’t matter.

  1. Choose one difficult, problematic relationship that you want to improve. It doesn’t matter this person is in your Life, or in the past or not even in your life any more.
  2. List ten things you are grateful for about this person
  3. Write also a list about the great things of this person you received from the relationship

During this day, you really need to put your hard feelings away. It doesn’t matter what has happened or what this person did to you. You may discover at the end, He / She had meant that totally differently as you understood. So, open up the chance for somethig different.

You can use a form like,

(Name)_____________, I am grateful for (what?) __________.

What is My advice?

If you can’t find anything good for the first sight, keep asking yourself about this person. It can be also something you may learnt from this person or from the situation. Just keep asking. If really nothing comes up, you may consider to choose somebody else, lets say an easier case. With every practice you will be more professional. Remember, only the first step is difficult, the rest is just easy-peasy.


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Many blessings

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15 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: Magically Heal Your Relationship