Your Wish, Your Dream or Your Reality?

If you haven’t done it yet or before, now it is really Time to note your Dreams, what you want to accomplish.

RHONDA BYRNE - Make all your wishes come true

Whoever has gratitude (now) will be gibve more (in the future), and he or she will have an abundance.

The basic theorie of this day is Like attracts Like. You need to open up your heart and be grateful before you would own what you want. It requires you to step out of the negative thinking, suffering from lack and any other limiting belief. With the moment you stay in these EGO blockages, you can not raise your vibration and being fully grateful and happy for your Goals and what you want.

It is time to ask yourself:

What Do I Most Want Right Now?

During this day you need to use the list you have created at the beginning of our journey or you need to finish the list now. The list has to be as specific as you can.

For sure you have already experienced how your wishes can come true but not necessarily the way you wanted. The Universe always delivers but we really need to choose the package and especially the contect correctly.

I give you an example. You desire a House. In the case of no specification you may get an old house you never wanted.

From this list you need to choose the top 10 desire. Start writing in a way you already own your dreams.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for _____________ and fill in the blank with your desire as though you’ve received it.

Rhonda says, the three Thank you is a magical number, becuase that is the number of Creation.

The Second Part of the Day is Saturation

Go one by one through your list and answer the following questions:

  1. What emotions did you feel when you received your desire?
  2. Who was the first person you told when you received your desire, and how did you tell them?
  3. What is the first great thin you did hen you received your desire? Include as much details as you can in your  mind.

Having your answers as forming thank you again will help you opening your heart more.

My Thoughts upon this Day

Though it is really good to have Goals, Dreams in our head we still need to stay in the present. Focusing only on the Futur needs preserve our actions in the present. We need to keep in mind. WE ARE THE CREATORS. Yes, the Universe helps us but still we need to take the actions.

Imagine, you write a letter but you never go to the Post and send it. The letter stay with you in the house. Will you receive any feedback, or will you get your product? Hardly. To have what you want in the letter, you need to dress, take the letter and go to the post who will deliver it to the destination.

It is time to get up and take actions! 🙂


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Many blessings

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13 / 28 days Gratitude Challenge: Make All Your Wishes Come True