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Manifestation, nowadays it is a kind of fashionable topic, speaking about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, how to manifest or not to mention Abraham Hicks.

We can say, everybody is interested in manifestation. Most of all, we are not just interested i these topics but we use them even when we do not realize it consciously. Of course, I am also use it and also lets say, want to use it better and better. So, I jumped into the middle of it and went to the Records to check how it works. And as I am that kind of person who loves working with Energies, I wanted to how it feels when I use and when I do not use Law of Attraction.

Manifestation: How to manifest and Law of Attraction

Manifestation on the energetic level

As you may already know our body has its own vibration just as your thoughts. You can imagine it as you are standing on the ground but your thoughts are lifting up and down just like the notes on the sheet music.

Every thoughts are vibrating around us. Sometimes there are some what goes outside of our energy field, lets say out of our aura. These are those ones what are sent to the Universe with more power. These thoughts will manifest faster than the others around us (those what stays in our auras). These messages have higher frequency, lets say, higher power to come true.

As we are all humans, we manifest not just good things, but also “bad” ones (I put it in a bracket as in the Universe there is no good or bad, just energy and that is our decision what we do with this Universal energy – as good and bad is our decision). For sure you can remember some cases, when you thought about something what you do not want to happen and you warned yourself not to think about it, but you were just not able to think about it and actually manifest it into your reality. And of course after that comes: “I wish, I could take it back”.

If we want to manifest correctly, we need to take it to our conscious level, so we want to be aware of our creation, of our manifestation.

Unfortunately we manifest negative thoughts easier because they have more power as we pay more attention to them. We raise big resistance, big fear against them, and it takes huge energy from us and lets say we put this energy into this thoughts. So it will raise this negative “desire” to a higher frequency what raises them to that point where they are able to step out to the Universe and voila, we have our unconscious manifestation.

But how can we cancel our “unwanted” manifestation?

Actually, there is possibility to take it back or saying it differently, overwrite it (unless it has already happened) . But this action requires big awareness.

First of all, you need to bring your fear into your reality, you need to be aware of what are you afraid of. For example, if you have in mind loosing your purse or loosing money, it will just coming all the time. So you give energy / attention to this thought raising its frequency more and more. When you catch your thought on time you will have an easier task how to cancel this thought.

What it means to catch the negative thought on time?

It means, when you realize your brain keeps thinking about not loosing money, not loosing your purse, so you can make the decision you want to stop it. You need to create a positive opposite what resonates with you. Here it is really important the sentence “Resonates with you” – it means what you can believe in. For example, if you think except loosing money “I get 1 million dollar” maybe it is out of your comfort zone, what means you can not believe it as even you can not imagine how 1 million dollar looks like. So, it just does not resonate with you. But if you say “I get 5000 dollar” it will be more acceptable for you and you can believe it because, it can be that your salary is also just around this amount. If it is a bit out of our comfort zone,it is totally fine till we can feel the positive resonance – these can be handled as our challenges.

So, with this positive opposite (do not forget make it BELIEVABLE for you) you can release the negative one if it is still inside your aura. You can check it easily if it is still in your aura – just  start to watch your thoughts and sign those thoughts what are coming back all the time during a day, kind of constant negative thoughts.

When a negative thought or belief is already posted to the Universe, it will appear only in certain moments – for example when something makes you remember for this negative one.

What to do when the negative thought is already posted to the Universe?

Here you need also awareness because you need to identify the negative thought you have sent out. When you have it, you need to pull every energetic line, connected to this thought, fully into your aura and create the positive aspect of this thought.

Now here comes the twist. You will need to make this positive aspect double big than the negative one. It is important because it needs to fill up the old negative energy line and assure it won’t have any affect anyhow. So the good thought can be manifested.

How you can double the energy of a positive thought?

You can imagine a scale inside you or just use your hands for it. One side is the negative one, the other is the positive. Identify the negative side how much does it “weight”. If you have it, start to put positive intention, emotion to the positive side till the scale on this side will show double weight. As you reach the double point release it within your aura. It will clear everything around you related the original negative  thought. When the energy clearing is done send it out to the Universe and just let it go.

You know exactly when you do it right as you feel calmer and you won’t hear the old thought in your head any more.


If you are interested in a meditation how to clear and release thoughts for manifestation, just leave a comment here. I am more than happy to make one and upload it as a free surprise.

Also I would like to hear your opinion and comment. Contact me any time if you have question, share it if you like it.

Many blessings












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Manifestation: Our thoughts, our vibration and how to manifest
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