Cars 3 – Lets turn up the Heat

I love movies but honestly I am always careful with the new series. Some month ago though I started to see movies with different eyes, you know kind of look behind the scene and I actually started to see and hear the messages in the movies and cartoons. It is really nicely packed messages and teachings.

Most of us watch only the movies. I was reading review about this 3rd part as well. Some of them were so plain (it is not a judgement but my point of view about them) so now I would like to ask you:

Read my Life Lessons I have discovered in Cars 3 and then watch the cartoon again. You will be surprised. You can even think about those Lessons what do they mean to you.

I made two articles from this topic. It became a bit too long.

Life lessons from Cars 3

Lets see my 10 Life Lessons from Cars 3

  • I am Speed:

Working with my consciousness for a while now, but some weeks ago I found Access Consciousness®. I need to admit, the following sentences are regarding money, but it will make sense, you will see.

So, in Access they say become what you want. Makes sense right? I will tell you both parts: lets start with the original Access Consciousness. In How to become Money Workbook by Douglas, Gary M he says: I am power, I am awareness, I am control, I am creativity, I am money. This sentence express really nicely the infinite energy and money is also just energy.

When Lightning Mcqueen says “I am speed” you can find a similar energy behind it. Become what you actually love. Probably you took so many things over what others were telling about you, to you. Think about your parents, your friends. What can you hear from them so often that you still clearly remember those?

“You can’t do that”; “You are not allowed to do that”; “You are not worthy”; “You are ugly”; “You can’t reach it”; “Money doesn’t come easily”; etc. What happens? You took these point of views but instead of saying “I am speed”; “I am beauty”; “I am success”; you are telling “I am unworthy”; “I am not successful” and such things.

So, to actually change these old point of views consider them actually as point of views. Think about them like opinions “Oh, thank you for sharing your opinion with you. That is your point of view”.

Ask yourself:

What can I be when I consider these opinions as point of views? What else can I be then?

What would happen if from know you wouldn’t function from those opinions. You would step out of these pictures and you would choose your own point of view. You may not believe you are not worthy. So, send those thoughts back to the sender and start living from your choices.

  • Push through your own obstacles

Let me ask you something:

Are you the person who says:

It can be even better! / Can it be even better? or the It can’t be better!

Neither of these are right or wrong. Whatever you have chosen, you are right. If you are functioning from your limitations it is hard to step over them. You are just simply living as your limitations. You will always create your limits just to make your reality true.

You can start functioning from possibilities when you actually be willing to see and experience more. See over your borders, over your limits. Imagine it as seeing one tree, but suddenly you allow yourself to see the forest behind this tree. From this point you will see these obstacles not as obstacles but possibilities where you can be more and more. Even when it is a material world with duality that can be always more and more.

I was thinking about what would happen if we couldn’t die. Than that would be really a situation where you can actually decide to move and experience, learn new things etc or just sit in a place not doing anything. But not doing anything wouldn’t mean no development. You would still have thoughts, feelings what would move, even within your body your cells would renew, your blood would flow that would generate movements and developments. So, you are already the development no matter what you think, YOU ARE THE CHANGE the question is “What are you allowing into your reality, What changes are you allowing to be made?”

  • Dream small or not at all (protection)

Most of the time this sentence is told to protect ourselves. Remember, when your parents, friends tell you:” Be careful”. It is also something similar. With dreaming small you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone, you are playing safe.

But what happens when there is a bigger World and playing safe is the same amount of energy as playing you. Even it is also possible you are using more energy to hide and avoid who you really are / could be because that is a role what is just not meant for you. Remember   cases when you were able to solve and do anything because you were handling it just simply with joy and ease.

Dreaming small can be just as hard as dreaming big.

  • Life is too short to take no as an answer

Actually I love this one. It makes me remember those days when I was full with worries; over-thinking and overcalculating everything. These times I was deep in the planning and despite of the moving forward that was rather the one step forward, two steps backwards.

Sometimes we fail even before the big start just because of the generated fears and thoughts.

Thinking is not the same as doing. Too much planning stops you from moving.

  • Turn up the heat

Hard – easy; right – wrong; good – bad continuous polarity. From the point you are willing to get rid of these polarities, thoughts you can see different point of views. The more you leave the control the faster you can improve. The bigger the risk, the bigger the prize. If you can handle the risk easily, for example considering them not problems or hard things to come over, you are allowing more solutions into your life. Enjoy what you are doing when it is not your favorite. Find the nice side that will help your energies to relax and focus. When you start stressing yourself, you narrow your life and the space you have.


What is your Lessons Learned?

Feel free to add your thoughts and lets learn together!

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