Positive thinking – DAY 3 – Shake it out

Positive Thinking Bootcamp Day 3_Facebook Shake it out


If you missed the earlier Days, you can find them here: Day 0Day 1, Day 2.


Today we target the final leftovers inside you. It is time to make some place to the new emotions, feelings, energies. Yuheee 🙂

For now, you have experienced your feelings, what is inside you at the moment. We use these information and we set the Goal: physically release them.


Something Good to do before START

If you want to be sure, you will end up fully refreshed, I would suggest a small exercise before you start.

Close your eyes and write down what kind of

  • emotions are circulating inside you
  • thoughts are coming up
  • negative beliefs

The Actual Exercise

Do some activities what really shakes you; where you can release your feelings. It can be an intensive dance, boxing, hitting your pillow, intensive breath technique (I love Kundalini yoga especially breathing exercises. It can really restart your thoughts, your belief and put it into the right direction).

Choose really something intense where you can get out with your anger.

If you are done, take some notes again. What have you experienced during this activity. It is really a nice way to discover those hidden feelings, what you would hide in a normal situation (for example hidden anger ..)


@ I will post some Coloring Mandalas later with some affirmation on the pages. It is a good way to relax, read some positive quotes conditioning your subconscious mind for these affirmations.


Feel free to Share your experience, opinion.

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Positive thinking – 7 Days Boot-camp/challenge – DAY 3 – Shake it out!