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Positive thinking – Day 0

What you need?

  • Paper or a Fantastic Diary (I love nice notebooks, they are just inspiring)
  • Pen
  • Your Happy Mood 🙂


What is your Goal within this 1 week?

Write it down

Words are gone by the wind.

The purpose of writing it down is to see with your two eyes. If we just write automatically, a lot of things can come up out of our subconscious. Just breathe, stay calm, turn off your brain and don’t judge.

Be positive

Stay positive (Positive 7 days most of all)

Don’t let the little voice inside your head to get over you.

Keep in mind, don’t judge. Let your imagination work Now.

Be Specific

What you can see? How does it feel – look like – smell?

Everything! Use all of your sensors!

You can describe a car as “Black Mondeo with 4 tires” or “Black Mondeo with V8 engine and turbo mode.”

Oh my God, my husband infected me, Wow. (That was a typical example of writing without judging. Realizing later, what I have just written)

Make it exciting, emotional & sensory rich

Here, I don’t give too much explanation. It speaks for itself.

Lets see my example: “This black Mondeo is nice. or Black Metal Mondeo with leather seats. It smells fresh and new. The chair feels as a trone, nicely holding my back and keeping me comfortable. The motor is like a cat as purring”. Sounds more Exciting, right!

Why do you want it? What is Your Why?

Think about not just let’s say “normal” reasons; consider your feelings; new skills you would gain;

One more thing before we go Further with our Days.

  • Make a commitment & eliminate Complaining for this weak – “Complaint Fast” during this period.
  • Be a DOER! From being a victim step out and be the DOER / Creator

Positive Thinking 7 Day Bootcamp - Day 0 - BAD Life Coaching

Feel free to Share your experience, opinion.

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Positive thinking – 7 Days Boot-camp/challenge – DAY 0 – Set the beginning