Positive thinking – Day 0

What you need?

  • Paper or a Fantastic Diary (I love nice notebooks, they are just inspiring)
  • Pen
  • Your Happy Mood 🙂


What is your Goal within this 1 week?

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Words are gone by the wind.

The purpose of writing it down is to see with your two eyes. If we just write automatically, a lot of things can come up out of our subconscious. Just breathe, stay calm, turn off your brain and don’t judge. [/mks_toggle]

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Stay positive (Positive 7 days most of all)

Don’t let the little voice inside your head to get over you.

Keep in mind, don’t judge. Let your imagination work Now. [/mks_toggle]

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What you can see? How does it feel – look like – smell?

Everything! Use all of your sensors!

You can describe a car as “Black Mondeo with 4 tires” or “Black Mondeo with V8 engine and turbo mode.”

Oh my God, my husband infected me, Wow. (That was a typical example of writing without judging. Realizing later, what I have just written)[/mks_toggle]

[mks_toggle title=”Make it exciting, emotional & sensory rich” state=”close “]

Here, I don’t give too much explanation. It speaks for itself.

Lets see my example: “This black Mondeo is nice. or Black Metal Mondeo with leather seats. It smells fresh and new. The chair feels as a trone, nicely holding my back and keeping me comfortable. The motor is like a cat as purring”. Sounds more Exciting, right![/mks_toggle]

Why do you want it? What is Your Why?

Think about not just let’s say “normal” reasons; consider your feelings; new skills you would gain;

One more thing before we go Further with our Days.

  • Make a commitment & eliminate Complaining for this weak – “Complaint Fast” during this period.
  • Be a DOER! From being a victim step out and be the DOER / Creator

Positive Thinking 7 Day Bootcamp - Day 0 - BAD Life Coaching

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Positive thinking – 7 Days Boot-camp/challenge – DAY 0 – Set the beginning