Positive Thinking – DAY 1 – Know your emotions

Knowing our emotions, feelings is crucial. Hiding them inside makes our life harder. How many times has happened, you just bombed without any reason? At least you thought, no reason. Maybe, some arguing 2 days ago, canceld date last week and such things where we say – “Doesn’t matter. I am not angry”.

Let me ask you? Are you angry because of the canceled Date? Of course, you are! Who wouldn’t be angry!

It is time to be honest with yourself!


Lets start Day 1 of our Positive Thinkig Bootcamp

Answer the question:

  • How do you feel yourself at the moment?
  • What kind of negative emotions you feel now or lately?
  • What are you most excited or scared about?

If you have a reason please put a “because” after your sentence.

Try to write whole sentences, not just words. You can note everything what comes up on this day, no matter if it is a small thing or something meaningful. Just write them down without judging.

You can use a list like this, if it makes it easier for you.

How do I feel now?My why?Dominant emotions“Object” of my feeling
I feel disappointedbecause my friend doesn’t do the dishesanger, disappointment, sadnessfriend XY
I am happy for the good weatherbecause I can go out for a walk to assist my health and enjoy the sunhappy, excited, active, fit, encouragedmy happiness
I feel sadbecause I could have done better on my examsad, disappointed, under evaluatedmy self-esteem
 ….. …… …… …..


Positive Thinking Bootcamp Day 1 Know your emotions

Put your list somewhere safe, because we will need it during the Week.

Check my Youtube Video related to this topic here.


Feel free to Share your experience, opinion.

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Positive thinking – 7 Days Boot-camp/challenge – DAY 1 – Know your emotions