Positive thinking – DAY 2 – Eliminate your bugs

Positive Thinking Bootcamp Day 2

With your list from Day 0 you have mostly everything you need for this exercise.

If you missed it, here is Day 0 and Day 1.

Now, take your paper and make two groups.

  1. Your “WHY” is somebody else. For example – I am sad because my friend never washes the dishes.
  2. Your “WHY” is coming from inside you. For example – I am really happy to go for a walk because I feel fit, I can see how beautiful the Nature what fills my heart with warm feelings.

It is important because you can not change what is outside of you. Na ok, it is just partially true. You can effect on others, make them change but most of the time, this change is just not permanent. (You can force your friend to do the dishes – maybe after a huge argumentation or something similar, but it may not last long. He / She does that for that particular moment, but by self, no more).

In that moment, when you accept you can not force others to change or do things, you can start changing your moments. You see, your life is Your Own Responsibility. You can decide how you want to react, be more open for other possibilities, take other actions and be precise with your Goal. Simply, experience how you can see the World through different glasses.


Lets see this example – I am sad because my friend never washes the dishes.

How you can react:

  1. Angry and have a bad argument – at the end the task is done
  2. Do by yourself – with good feeling
  3. Find an other solution – kind of third party solution
  4. (Ignore everything – happens whatever happens

[mks_toggle title=”Angry and have a bad argument with him – Aggressive reaction” state=”close “]

It is a “Who wins over the other person” situation. It is not really a healthy reaction especially when it happens regularly. The most common problem here is tagging the partner. It means we generalize the situation (what could be true, but at that moment we are talking about a certain moment).

Here a nice way of the communication would be to express our feelings, why it is important for us to complete this task.

Express your need and feelings – tell your why – try to find a solution what is good for all of you[/mks_toggle]

[mks_toggle title=”Do by yourself.” state=”close “]

With this one be cautious and aware. This means, let it be your decision because you decide so.

“I want to wash the dishes” – (Hehe, sounds funny.)

So, you can do it without heavy feelings, or having leftovers from blaming your friend not to do it. You may have such thoughts, “Ah hell, I do it, otherwise it will stay here for a week; nobody will do it”. These emotions normally are stick to you for a while.[/mks_toggle]


[mks_toggle title=”Find an other solution” state=”close “]

Keep calm and don’t start blaming, tagging others. Be practical and stay in your moment so you can focus on different solution. For example considering a dishwasher would be an option. There is always an other option.


[mks_toggle title=”(Ignore everything – happens whatever happens)” state=”close “]

I don’t go into details here, because ignorance is a complete close in front of the problem or a possible solution.

Sometimes we tend to be ignorant. We think, when we don’t look at the problem it will disappear. Maybe sometimes yes, but especially the bigger ones are keep coming back. Just like a boomerang, but in this case it hits bigger and bigger.[/mks_toggle]


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Positive thinking – 7 Days Boot-camp/challenge – DAY 2 – Eliminate your bugs!