Heartbeat – Music for Healing and Meditation MP3 (Digital Download)


Heartbeat MP3 Digital Audio Track. Music specially designed for healing and meditation. Please Click on the LISTEN NOW button to listen to a short sample of Heartbeat.

Heartbeat MP3 - Music for healing and meditation



Music for Healing and Meditation

Heartbeat is a warm relaxing piece of music that is a perfect accompaniment for a Reiki Healing Session or Reiki Attunement Ceremony. We created Heartbeat to simulate the rhythm and gentle beat of the heart. It is extremely relaxing and will quickly help both the Reiki Practitioner and the Reiki Client build a deep rapport and conducive state for healing. It is also great for meditation.

We have also found this music really useful with our children when they were young. Whenever they were over tired or restless and finding it difficult to sleep we would play Heartbeat softly in the background and within a few minutes the hypnotic rhythm would calm and relax their over active minds allowing them to drift off to sleep.


  • Track Length: 45.13
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  • File Size: 80.9 MB
  • Bitrate: 256 kbps
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Heartbeat – Music for Healing and Meditation MP3 (Digital Download)