Patricia S.

Very clear and beautiful reading. I feel this reading resonates with me completely. I trust her very much and her readings always bring me peace.

Katarzyna Z.B.

That was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you very much:)


Ashley B.

This definitely correlates with what I have been told previously. It makes so much sense as to what I need and should be doing. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. Your work is amazing! Blessings!!

Sathyanarayanan P.

She is amazing and excellent. Would definitely recommend her for Akashic reading. Thank you. Will take her service again.

Patricia S.

Thank you, always so reassuring and helpful, I appreciate your help. I’ll be back:)

Kimberly Jean I.

Thank you! Much of this resonated!

Theresa Marie D.

This is the second time I used her and I am just as pleased as I was the first time. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing for an accurate reading!!!!

Theresa Marie D.

I received a very prompt answer to my questions and the answers and her reading were very accurate. The reading really brought home the actions that I need to take in my life. I will use her again and highly recommend her to anyone wishing an accurate reading.

Velisha E.

You always find the right words from the records and you are very open with the answers. Love the readings

Iuliana Daniela C. 

Great service, excellent actually, thanks you so much. I have to tell to everybody that Monica not just answer my questions, but with one she felt is not what I wanted, so she went back and made a special inside for me to clarify. It was simply great and so nice for her part, a genuine care.

Ruackel E.

You said exactly what I thought of but didn’t know if I should do it.

Ruackel E.

This is really what I needed to know, things in my life just wasn’t adding up now I know. Thank you

Puripong K.

I have to say this is a must have reading for anybody who needs some important answers, especially one in crossroads of your life. She is a real deal and sincere. You will never get a kind of generic vague words psychology delivered to you. Highly highly recommended. 🙂

Patricia S.

A beautiful reading and her advice helped me so much. It saved my job!!

Montaya Natalia C.

Wow this was so scary accurate !!!! Thank you for taking the time to read me!!

Raven Aaliyah C.

Working with Monika was an incredible experience! Her insight and guidance was priceless and I can feel the abundance of compassion emanating from her words. I HIGHLY recommend working with her personally or gifting to friends/family that need real help and guidance. Much gratitude

Michele J.

Wonderful as always! Always goes above and beyond to help! Truly a love being. Thank you!

Patrik K.

Very nice discussing with you Monika! It makes me so happy talking to someone who is so clear and easy, giving awesome advice! Thanks for caring!

Patrik K.

Amazing accurate! Wonderful journey, thanks for sharing! 😉

Simon Nicholas D.

Outstanding experience. Monika is a gifted reader and very generous with her time. I really appreciated being able to ask follow-up questions to seek clarification. When querying the Akashic Records, you need to be very specific with your questions in order to get the best answer.

Sabrina D.

Thank you so much for the fast delivery. I really appreciate it:) Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve found so much relaxation only by reading your words. Now I know what to do/ how to be for my highest good:) With Gratitude, Sabrina

Michele J.

Beautiful job and beautifully done. Wonderful experience and I will work with her again soon

Dragan L.

I am 100% satisfied – everything is true. Thanks , Monika.

Sabrina D.

Thank you very much for your light:) I am more than satisfied with I received. What you wrote is helping to view what’s going on from a bigger picture. With gratitude, Sabrina