Oh my Dear To-Do List

I have already a relationship with making To Do Lists. I think, I was the worst person in the World when it comes making a list. Everybody knows, I mostly store everything in my mind. I don’t mean it literally, but for real. I remember most of the time everything.

Funnily, my husband is the total opposite of everything. The thing is, he forgets everything and he has a tons of lists. Oh my God, you should see. I already heared several times, I should make lists, it would make my life easier.

I don’t say, I have never tried it, oh I bet I did. I can recall two times, when I was really motivated making lists.

Once, when my brother told me about it. He wanted to confess me, it is good because the circusmtances will be alligned to make my list done. The second case was when my husband told me: “You need to make lists to make room in your mind for new ideas.”

So, since my biggest WHYs making TO DO lists:

  • to CREATE the necessary CIRCUMSTANCES
  • to HAVE some PLACE for NEW IDEAS
  • shows me what is important

I discovered, if you are really in emotional connection with your To-Do list, you can really create those circumstances.

Why to have to do lists

If you are not alligned with your To Do List you might:

  • start procrastinate (Sounds familiar: “I’ll do it tomorrow” but the tomorrow never comes)
  • do it with bad feelings (you actually avoiding the feeling of success)
  • take over tasks what shouldn’t be yours
  • not see what is important and what you should avoid

From a To Do List you can realise what:

  • should be in your Focus
  • is not important and IMPORTANT
  • you need to ELIMINATE from your List
  • to give to somebody to do that

Consider your To Do list as something like collecting your Goals. Yes, sometimes you need to do some stuff what is not your favourite one. But if you see what you should avoid, you can start finding a way to eliminate those from your list.

Remember: problems are possibiltiies. The only thing what matters, how you handle those challenges.


To Do List – What and how?