The law of free will says,

you are the Boss of Your Life. It doesn’t matter what you do, the Choice is yours.

Universal Law of Free Will

This law brings the Unity together. Nobody is separated in the Universe and in the Universal Energies. Every decision you make has consequences; Action and Re-Action. From the moment you feel you create a chain what will start creating the circumstances. Imagine it as dropping a rock into a water. But in this case you are the rock and your emotions are the waves. As the waves reach the cost they will send something else back. From the universal perspective these „somethings” are the circumstances.

The closer they are to you, the more effective reality they create. For example it can be a Choice. You are standing in front of two ways but you can not decide because you started to overthink it, or letting your fears to interfere.

For example, if you could check it in your Akashic Records, they would actually show two ways, too. But they wouldn’t tell you which road to take, the decision is yours. The two ways are in the same time different but still the same. You could ask, “How the free will comes into consideration now?”.

Let’s take a look into this process of making your choice practicing your Free Will:

  • Decision of which road you take: here you will consider your fear or reject them. Making a decision to avoid your fears hoping it will be an easier way or overcoming your fears and listen to your intuition.
  • Road with Fear: during this journey you can decide you learn about your fears, limitations and move forward.
  • Road with Intuition: still you can decide to move but also to stand. If you decide with moving it brings more experiences. If you decide to stand on the same place, with the time you will need to make an other decision about going with your fear or move forward.

The “circle” could look like: Decide – Experience – Overcome Limitations & Fears

If you take a look closely, there is no difference between experiencing and overcoming limitations & fears. Why? Because one person see Limitations & Fears as experiences, something what can give more to grow in Life. But others will consider them as Problems, Struggle in Life. Problems are borders, stoppers. Remember when you have problem – you start focusing on the problem and not on the solution.

Practicing your free will serves not just you, but others as well. Can you remember when I told you, the two roads are in the same time different and still the same? Your awareness, consciousness will determine the people around you and in your Life. You will affect them and they do the same with you. I don’t speak just about the conscious level when they give you or tell you something. As the Universe is about energies everybody will touch you energetically. Remember a case when you met with somebody on the street and after years you can remember when you see this person waling on the street. Just imagine this situation energetically. Interesting, right?

But if you decide because it feels right and not because you are afraid of as we people would say “Everything and Everybody will be on the right place and time”.

What I can suggest you: Be aware about your state and feelings. If you are afraid of something realize it and make your conscious choice to overcome this fear.

You are responsible for your Actions and Decisions.


Universal Law of Free Will