During our Life on Earth we often faces with Problems (problems mean for me a phrase created by humanity).

There are different reactions when we face with them.

    • We just bury our head in the san
    • We try to “solve” them but still they keep coming back (only the circumstances change
    • We do not consider them as a problem, but as possibilities

In the moment when the Problems become POSSIBILITIES, you understand, you are responsible to the situation! You can change every situation! Everything is depends on your reaction.


Cause and effect: if you learn from a situation, you react different as before because you see, why it keeps happening over and over again


Why are you here now? How are you feeling now?

  • Feeling comfused which direction your Life should go?
  • Feeling stuck with “Problems” – same things are happening over and over again?
  • Having repeated patterns of bad luck and negative events?
  • You can not find the way to create your abundance?
  • No clarity in your life purpose?
  • Experiencing difficulties in your relationship and you don’t know how to sort it out?
  • Are you havig negative emotions just as anger, sadness, depression etc?
  • Do you want to feel self love and be more confident but do not know how?
  • Do you feel something is missing, but do not know what?
  • Looking for growth in your spiritual development but not sure how to proceed?

When you answered any of the above question with yes, continue reading and  find out how Akashic Record reading can help you to find the right direction.


The library of Akashic Records is an etheric level. Everybody has acces to it – you can do it in a meditative state – or you can ask somebody to connect to your personal Records.

What are the benefits of  having a reading?

You can understand more about your current situation, who you really are and how you can overcome those limitations what are holding you back such long. With this new awareness you get during the reading you can have a fresh start where you have the chance to do it differently knowing the truth behind. You have the chance to CHANGE YOUR PROBLEMS TO POSSIBILITIES!

You are an infinite being. Just need somebody who shows it to you!

Your Akashic Records reading can reveal the following:

  • What kind of gift you have in this lifetime
  • What is your life purpose, what you want to accomplish
  • What is blocking you at the moment not having your desired life
  • How can you be more abundant, attract / create what you want
  • Whether you carry negative influences, patterns from other lifetimes
  • Any blockages you may have in your chakras
  • Possible outcomes regarding a certain question
  • Suggested exercises in order to reach the results you want

During the reading, maybe not all of your questions will be answered. You will get answers for those questions what you are ready to hear.


Having a reading is only useful if you ask it with consciousness. For me having a reading with consciousness means you want CHANGES, you want to take the necessary STEPS what needed in order to reach your ABUNDANT Goals. If you ask it because of curiosity, your blocks, restrictions, negative influences will remain the same.

You have two possibilities for doing it:

  • It can be done by yourself after having your reading.
  • You can ask for assistant where I help you with your journey.

Both way work only when you are committed to yourself, saying a big YES to your Life. Otherwise it will stay just trying and not doing.

By asking my assistant we step into a world where Akashic Records meet with Life Coaching – for me that means, we bring spirituality into our physical world. We get the Guidance and put it into actions!

With overcoming your limitations, fears and negative patterns you have every opportunity to express your true self according to your natural talents and gifts.

It is a two way cooperation. There are things I can clean with your Guides up. There are things what you need to accomplish in this reality. Your soul chose to experience again and gain more. With your Akashic Records reading you can help this process. You expand your awareness, raise your vibration and open up new possibilities.