Akashic World is a place where your Soul meets with your Reality!
Where you can be a more aware and not just have a Life, but live a LIFE!

You have the POWER to CREATE your REALITY! 

What would you say if I asked you:

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Dare you Live a „B.A.D.” Life? Something * Beautiful * Ambitious * Delightful *

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You might say, YES. But is that Really TRUE? Or you want it to be TRUE?

Let me ask you this question again:

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Dare you Live a „B.A.D.” Life? what is




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If you got a chance to have a B.A.D. Life – What would be possible for you?

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Being on the Path of Changes is huge!! I still love it with all of those moments what may harden my life 😉

As a simple Being we sometimes forget – We are not just a Body, we are a SOUL & BODY.

Our Body has its own needs, just as our own Soul.

What happens when they want something totally different? When we need to handle them as a Body and a Soul?


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If something goes wrong inside you, everybody around you feels it: your children, your husband and with the time you as well.

Sacrificing yourself for your kids, for your marriage is nice but not an option.

Have you ever experienced when your kids were depressed and you were not able to figure out why? Just think back and ask yourself:

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„How did I feel?” „How do I feel NOW?”


I don’t remember what means: RELAX

I am tired all the time not SAYING YES TO MYSELF

I do not HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF and it makes me angry inside

I feel overwhelmed because I don’t HAVE ENOUGH TIME

I want to be a WoMOM (Womand and Mom)

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Here is the deal!

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Don’t want to be the perfect YOU. Start being your TRUE YOU who is BEAUTIFUL, AMBITIOUS and DELIGHTFUL!

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With my work I want to help you to see and understand:

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YOU can be AMBITIOUS again

YOU bring more AWARENESS into your life

How to say YES to YOURSELF

The better you feel, the better your family feels

Let me show the way so you can start your journey being part of our “B.A.D. Life”!

“Shed your skin and find your life”